Beard Tickles.
Bear Hugs.
Fingers Intertwined.

Photos that capture all the warm-fuzzies

You're here because you don't just want a stuffy, posed photo shoot for this year's Christmas card. You're here because you know how important photos are that give you those crazy butterflies in your stomach. Because you want images that will let you revisit these moments for the rest of your life - photos that can stop time and fill you with all the warm-fuzzies.

This is All About Your Love

Let's Make it You, Boo!

Forget Instagram. Forget what you think an engagement or anniversary or elopement or wedding should look like. For just one moment I want you to dig down inside and think about you and your Babe - what makes you guys light up inside? What are the experiences you've shared together that you walk away from with full hearts and laughter that make you want to go back and do it all over again? Is it spending a day by the lake kayaking and eating so many s'mores that your tummy hurts? Is it cuddling at home in your favorite cozy dad-socks and watching a movie? Maybe it's a midnight taco-bell run, or a going on an epic, several day backpacking trip up a mountain.

You deserve incredible photos that capture the two of you doing life together in the ways that make you feel the most like you. And if that's as simple as capturing the way her nose scrunches when you tickle her face with your beard, or the way he swoops you up from behind and hugs you so tight that you can't breath, I'm here for it.

What to Expect

Just so you know what you're getting into ;)

All this to say, your love is unique, like no other. And that's freaking rad. My goal is to capture genuine, human connections in a way that's wild, raw and full of fun. Chances are, if you book a session with me you can count on doing some climbing, getting a little messy and being lovey-dovey with your favorite person in the world. If you book a session with me, just expect that we're going to become pals because the better I know the two of you, the better I can create images that actually mean something. I'll chat with you guys to plan out what to bring along on your session to make it into a fun date for the two of you - whether you want me to bring along a few beers to share, or a pack of sour gummy worms, I've got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions


What should we wear to our session?


I'll work with you to choose outfits you love that won't distract from the main attraction (hint, that's the two of you)! And at the same time pick out looks that are perfect for your personal style. I have an outfit guide that I'll send to you when you book to make sure you guys have an idea of what will photograph best!


How long does a typical couple's session last?


Usually 1.5 to 2 hours! I like to make sure we have enough time to explore around and take our time so that the two of you can adjust to being in front of the camera and just enjoy snuggling and the many kisses I'll instruct you to give each other :) Basically, I never want you to feel like we rushed our way through your session. This is your day!


If we do a hiking shoot, does the hiking time count towards our session?


Nope! The session starts when we reach the top and start shooting. And don't worry, I'll give you guys a good 15 minute break at the top to eat some snacks, catch your breath and take in the sights.


What happens if it rains?


For weddings and elopements, I'll keep an eye on the weather and contact you guys a week in advance to make adjustments as necessary! Usually this looks something like having you order some clear umbrellas and I'll come with a tiny rain-coat for my camera (yes it's kind of as cute as it sounds). For engagement or couples sessions, I'll give you the option to re-schedule if the weather's looking a little hairy. If it's going to be pouring I may make a final call to move the session to another day because gear's expensive and isn't waterproof unfortunately.