How many images will we receive?

I work out of one simple rule – I deliver as many images as it takes to tell your story to the fullest. I’ll never limit myself to a specific number of photos when it comes to your final gallery. That said, you’ll typically end up with around 50-100 images per hour. It’s going to depend a lot on how much is taking place during the wedding day for me to capture as well as the number of hours you book us for, so figure a fuller day will result in a few more images than a simple, minimalistic itinerary.


Do you travel for weddings & sessions?

While I’m particular about the travel events I book, I do take on a select number of destination weddings each year.


What equipment do you use?

I shoot using primarily Canon gear! I utilize a lot of different tools, lenses and lighting equipment but to the right you’ll find a list of the primary pieces I have on hand at every wedding I shoot.

— Canon R6

— GODOX Speedlight Flashes

—Canon 85 mm 1.4 lens

—Canon 50 mm 1.4 lens

—Sigma 24 mm 1.4 lens

—Sigma 35 mm 1.4 lens


Can we meet you before booking?

Absolutely! I’d love the chance to talk with you before you book with us – hiring a wedding photographer is a pretty big decision, and it’s important to me that you find the perfect fit for your day! I’m more than happy to hop on a call — let’s make it happen!

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