I tell stories

Life's an adventure, full of emotion, connection and moments. Growing up, I always dreamt of becoming an author. I would spend hours upon hours outside, handwriting my stories in a worn, composition notebook. I believe stories are to be experienced - lived out to the fullest and then preserved in all of the ways that allow us to tell them and relive them fully once again.

I'm Alex, and I'm a storyteller.

Hey! I'm Alex - raised in So Cal and a photographer of over eight years. I fell in love with adventurous couples photography my freshman year of college and never looked back. I'm married to my amazing, weird, goofy husband Jonathan (we call each other Squish and Smush as nicknames if that's any indication) and I love him to death. A lot of my inspiration for couples photography stems from the things I find special in our own relationship! We're also both big outdoorsy people, if you can't tell - ha! Fun fact: we actually met in a hiking group in college!

Besides coffee and hiking, I have crazy amounts of love for photography and all things aesthetic. So if you ever want some planning help for your day, I'll never not get excited to help out. Details are kind of my thing! Don't believe me? Check out my Pinterest ;)

Fun Fact: I have an office just off my favorite coffee shop in LYH!

Get to Know Me

A Few of My Faves

Blitz round of my favorite things - ready? Hikes, day trips, lavender lattes, good music, living local, California sage, sunrises, fuzzy pj's, roller coasters, cuddling this bug (oh yeah, that's another nickname for J) and way more candy than any person should ever eat (yeah it's a weakness- just ask anyone who knows me).

I love to capture any love story, even if that means a multiple day backpacking trip in the mountains - I'm down for a little adventure or a whole lot of it so don't be shy in sharing your wildest ideas!


I’m a Virginia local and a California native, so you’ll find me jumping from coast to coast throughout the year! Really, I’m always down to photograph a couple of in-love folks anywhere, so say hey and count me in to third-wheel on your next adventure!



Temecula CA + Asheville NC

April 2019

Joshua Tree CA + Palm Springs, CA

May 2019

Acadia, ME

June 6-13, 2019

Kauai, HI

July 22-24, 2019

Yosemite, CA

July 25-26 2019


July 26-28, 2019

Glacier National Park

July 29-31

Arches National Park + Boneville Salt Flats, UT

October 28-31

St. George UT

December 2-10

St. Lucia

I've always had a need to adventure. If I went on a hike, I'd be the first one walking ahead in hopes of stumbling across a wide open hidden valley or some other heartachingly beautiful treasure. There's this deep rooted need in my soul to feel and create nostalgia - a word I use mostly to try and explain that feeling I find creeping up ever so often when I'm surrounded by the untouched world. I also feel it in subtle things like the first signs of Autumn when gold shaded leaves begin to blow underfoot or when I see a cozy cabin tucked back in the woods just beyond where the sun rays can reach it. And I feel it in Jon and I's own love story.

As we grow and mature as humans, we often forget to play. To imagine. To allow ourselves to experience life as it happens and be fully present rather than to be constantly distracted by distant thoughts and obligations. We forget to feel our experiences to the greatest capacity. And I truly believe that having photos taken to commemorate a time in a relationship should be an experience that you feel deep in your soul. To know the intimacy between you and your partner. To feel the profoundness of the nature your surrounded by and to allow the stillness of the outdoors to bring you back into that moment. Right there, right then.. As the sun sets and glistens across a lake while the two of you sway side to side holding each other close or as the mountain fog closes in around you.

Why It Matters to Me

My passion is deep rooted in a desire to freeze frame a feeling - the nostaligia that we're creating right there in that moment that will soon fade into memory. To create a copy of those emotions to look back on and to relive time and time again. No matter how the two of you change with time or your life changes, these photos will always represent a beautiful truth and history. And that's something worth making art for.

Work I'm Really Proud Of

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